Coastal Garden

March 2020

A striking and beautifully planted coastal garden. The elements aligned for near perfect shooting conditions; just enough blue sky between cloud activity overhead and an onshore wind ensuring gentle motion & sway through all the elegant, long grasses.

The garden was really dressed in its winter best on the day I shot here. Just one avenue back from the beach at West Wittering in Sussex. Plus, there was a serendipitous and cacophonous goose migration midday which I just managed to capture overhead. I didn’t catch any audio unfortunately; they were having a proper sky party, those high-flying birds!

I shot a behind the scenes video too – shared via LinkedIn & Fb – which doesn’t convey the December temperatures but does show all the human tripoding & ground laying required to get the images. It was bitterly cold but my thick layers of no-so-elegant Carharrt clothing kept me insulated.

It’s important to shoot from a variety of angles when photographing a garden, so that all the plants, short and tall, get to share in the glory and may be appreciated for their contribution to the overall scheme.

The burnished browns of the stalks and bleached white grasses set off the gentle grey timber cladding of the home. I’m looking forward to returning in the summer months to see how the flowers in bloom will bring a wholely different ambiance to the site.



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